O x 1 + heat = Only the blue line


Plus, I haven’t ridden in a couple weeks and I didn’t want to kill myself since I have a wife and kid that don’t feel well… gotta keep my energy up.

Only 6 miles from 500 for the year, 400+ of that is MTB! 🙂


Downhill Pedals on a Carbon Fiber XC Bike?

Up until recently, I’ve been riding in a pair of mountain biking shoes that were a little over 20 years old.

They’re pretty beat up and the Velcro straps were starting to lose their grip, but all-in-all they were working for me – aside from the blood blisters they were starting to give my toes (primarily my left big toe, I’ll spare you the pictures).

Since the signs were clear that they were going to need replacing, I started to play around with the idea of running platform pedals. So I bought a pair of Vans and some somewhat decent platform pedals and set out to give them a go.

I think I’m just a clipless guy.

It was fine, and I only crashed a few times, but I just didn’t feel secure on the bike.

However, one takeaway was that I loved just driving to the trailhead in my riding shoes. One less thing to fuss with when loading up and hitting the trail. Simplicity – it’s my current theme.

So I set out looking for a clipless shoe that is flexible and comfortable enough to walk and drive around in. I landed on the Giro Rumble VR and bought a pair.

They’re just what I was looking for. Even with the cleats mounted I could walk around comfortably without the annoying ‘clicking’.

One issue.

The less stiff sole combined with the small surface area of my (16 year old) crankbrothers eggbeaters resulted in numb toes after a bit of riding. I suspected this was due to the pointed pressure cutting off blood flow.

New pedals were in my future already, but now the purchase timeline was moved up. Riding was becoming uncomfortable.

I needed a clipless pedal with a nice large platform to support my foot and reduce the pressure on my foot, thereby keeping blood flow to my toes.

The [crankbrothers mallet dh race pedals](http://amzn.to/2v32Fkg) stuck out at me. One, I like the clip system and I’m already used to it. Two, they have a nice, large platform. And three, they were 45% off!

Behold, my crankbrothers mallet dh race pedals!

Admittedly, they look a little goofy on my carbon fiber XC racing frame. But hey! My initial ride around the neighborhood told me they were going to be perfect.

This setup hasn’t been trail tested yet, so I don’t know for sure if this is the perfect pedal and shoe combo. But, it’s looking promising.

Stay tuned for the full review and verdict!